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Have you been a victim of an unprovoked attack? At Maximum Justice, we pursue your criminal assault or sexual assault claim. These attacks can have a huge effect on your psychological wellbeing, and our dedicated team do everything in the power to produce a result that you are satisfied with. Located in Scotland, we put your needs first.

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An attack such as a violent mugging, a sexual assault, and any other unprovoked attack can happen in any location including a club, bar, and a concert. You may be able entitled to compensation when you have sustained an injury from an attack.

Learn More about CICA

It is possible to make an application for personal injury claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities (CICA) in cases where the attacker is not caught or lacks the means to pay. The CICA scheme has few guidelines for financial awards, such as:

  • To Recognise Injuries, Both Physical and Mental, Due to Criminal Assault
  • To Obtain Compensation for Past or Future Lost Earnings 
  • To Obtain Compensation for Bereavement Because of a Criminal Assault
  • Claim Applications Must be Lodged Within Two Years of Your Assault (Discretionary; Often Waived) 
  • The Assault Should Have Been Reported to the Police with Full Co-Operation

Award Tariffs

The criminal injury compensation award payment is calculated by a tariff scheme in bands. The minimum award is £1,000 and extends up to £250,000. Maximum Justice appoints you a lawyer specialising in this field who advises you for a fast and efficient claim.

Whether you have obtained an injury because you tripped on a pavement, or have debilitating back pain because of an accident at work, we aim to help by supplying you with beneficial advice.

Contact our Lawyers in Scotland, regarding how we could help you make a criminal assault, or a sexual assault claim.

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